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  1. Working with Andonella is transformative. She talks through issues you are facing and places them in a bigger picture context. More importantly, she's not all talk. Andonella supports you through the process of creating a plan to where you want to be, who you want to grow into and the direction you want your life to travel in. She provides you with that all important achievable first step by the end of session one and gives you tools, confidence and encouragement to undertake the whole journey.

    Producer and writer

  2. "I was on track to reach a key milestone in my career and, along the way, seemed to have spread myself too thinly, reaching a point where I felt like I wasn't giving anything my best.

    When I realised I'd said 'yes' too many times along the way, and couldn't see the wood for the trees, Andonella helped me remember what was important.

    Not only does she provide a safe place to talk and a truly objective listening ear, she helps to re-focus the mind. And she sees the person that's often hidden behind the work persona that others see.

    Andonella joins the dots between pressure points in personal and working life and provided practical solutions and techniques to help me take control again - and that continues to help me in times of high pressure.

    I felt like a different person after our sessions; like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders."

    Head of Marketing

  3. I first worked with Andonella over a decade ago, and was immediately impressed with her clarity of thought and her engaging manner. Consequently, I was very quick to bring in her expertise when I joined my current firm. Andonella has a very diverse range of skills; from business coaching and mentoring, through to structured group training and bespoke HR projects. I have also worked with her in both the not-for-profit sector and professional services, as well as in the capacity of a regular personal business coach. Over this time I have strongly recommended her to a range of colleagues and friends, who now share my regard for her ability.

    Andonella is extremely engaging and has an innate ability to quickly disarm people who are either reluctant to participate in training or naturally guarded. She is also very quick to cut through the flannel and get to the pertinent facts at play.

    Over a period of several months Andonella worked with four of our senior managers, coaching them to ensure they were confident and ready for the next stage in their career progression. In the next round of promotions all four passed a rigorous interview process to reach director level and I believe Andonella assisted greatly in this process

    Partner, firm of accountants

  4. What can I say about Andonella - I don't think amazing could even cover it.

    Andonella is one of those people that you warm to in a second and feel instantly comfortable in discussing your successes, failures and aspirations with. She doesn't judge.

    Andonella makes you look at not only yourself, but the world in a different light. I feel so incredibly privileged to have been able to spend time with Andonella. Every recommendation and piece of advice that she has offered has been met with positivity in my workplace and I feel like I'm moving into the next chapter of my career and it's with thanks to Andonella for getting me there.

    Senior Consultant

  5. Andonella takes the time to really understand your personal goals, helps you shape a plan and partners with you on your journey. She does this with compassion, empathy and a genuine interest in you getting the most out of your sessions. I always leave feeling upbeat and positive after our session.

  6. Andonella is a very inspiring and dedicated business coach who has a unique perspective. She really helped me work through the issues that I faced in my life, as well as helped me to understand my motivations. I got an awful lot out of the sessions that we had and found her calm, logical approach to problems very insightful. I would highly recommend spending time with Andonella. I started my sessions unsure of what I wanted out of them, and could not have wished for a better outcome. She prompted a great deal of thought and awareness as well as helped me to identify solutions.

    Senior Manager, Banking Industry

  7. I met with Andonella after my Director noted a marked change in my performance at work and in myself as a person. I was delighted to be afforded the opportunity to work with Andonella as I had heard many good things and I realised myself that I was struggling day to day. After only one meeting with Andonella I felt like a different person, I could feel a "lightness" in me and a belief that I could get through this difficult time. I continued to see Andonella and after each meeting felt better and very quickly my self-worth came back. She is a wonderfully understanding and professional coach and has helped me on the path to turning my life around. I know that I will definitely keep in contact with her but also, the coping strategies that she has taught me are very clearly etched in my mind. Simple but ever so effective. I could not recommend her highly enough.

  8. I am currently on the 'path to partnership' with a Big 4 accountancy firm, and for over a year now, Andonella has been working with me as my Career Coach to help me get there.

    During this year, we have worked through various approaches, plans and techniques to help me understand the drivers behind my goals, build my personal 'roadmap' and stakeholder approach, as well as helping me put 'things into perspective' - on more than one occasion.

    Being able to talk through your frustrations, your plans and goals in a pragmatic and practical way is invaluable. Andonella helps me think differently about situations, and her personal style and approach makes that so easy that she's able to draw out things that would never normally cross my mind.

    I think I'm getting close to achieving my goals, but even if I do, I don't foresee the work that we're doing together to stop. I hope that Andonella and I will continue to work together as I embark on the next stage of my career. And even if I don't get to where I want to, I am confident that Andonella will help me deal with that and help me refocus on something as equally important.

    Director, Big 4 firm

  9. Never having done any coaching before, I have to admit I was fairly sceptical, but I was wrestling with some difficult business issues and Andonella came highly recommended. Andonella is highly personable, puts you at ease immediately and gets straight down to brass tacks. She's insightful, intuitive and has this uncanny ability to help you figure out a clear route to get you from where you are to where you want to be. If you're at a bit of a life or career crossroads or there are seemingly immovable obstacles blocking your progress, give her a call. You CAN do it and she CAN definitely help.

    Peter, Peter Mill Copywriting

  10. With Andonella's help I have been able to identify my goals and also the issues that have been preventing me from achieving them. Many of these issues I have been carrying with me since childhood and I thought that I had left them behind, but Andonella has helped me understand that some of these issues are still holding me back. Now that I know what to work on I can start the process to make my dreams become a reality.

    Andonella is a true professional who really knows her work; her empathy and understanding allowed me to trust her whole heartedly, this enabled me to really dig deep to find out what was holding me back.


  11. I met Andonella many years ago when we were both working in HR for a global professional services firm. Years later we are still in touch and on occasion working together - now on a freelance basis. Andonella is totally committed to providing her clients with the highest standard of service. Her pursuit for service excellence and her commitment to her own continuing professional development is truly inspiring. I have seen Andonella 'in action' - her clients experience a genuine and honest consultant combined with visionary thinking and commercial acumen. Her determination to achieve results and meet expectations ensures she gets excellent feedback from her clients. Andonella is a first rate HR Consultant and Business Coach; I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anyone who wants results.

    Caroline W - Associate

  12. With just a few sessions and Andonella's patient expertise, I was able to finally get moving on some important issues that had been niggling and holding me back for years. I'm also really enjoying the tasks I had been avoiding.

    Freelance Artist

  13. We have worked with Andonella Thomson on a number of projects and I have always been very happy with the service provided - she is ... an exceptional coach. She is always well prepared for each session and very professional.

    Duncan Hendry, Chief Executive, Festival Theatre

  14. Andonella coached me for 6 months and really supported me in thinking about my work life balance and what I wanted to achieve in different areas of my life. She guided me skilfully through questioning my aspirations and helped me make some concrete decisions and changes. I am still using the approaches she used in considering new directions for myself and making time to set goals and achieve them.

    Andonella really helped me refocus and become clearer in what I wanted to achieve.

    Head of Creativity and Diversity, in The Arts

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