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  1. I am currently on the 'path to partnership' with a Big 4 accountancy firm, and for over a year now, Andonella has been working with me as my Career Coach to help me get there.

    During this year, we have worked through various approaches, plans and techniques to help me understand the drivers behind my goals, build my personal 'roadmap' and stakeholder approach, as well as helping me put 'things into perspective' - on more than one occasion.

    Being able to talk through your frustrations, your plans and goals in a pragmatic and practical way is invaluable. Andonella helps me think differently about situations, and her personal style and approach makes that so easy that she's able to draw out things that would never normally cross my mind.

    I think I'm getting close to achieving my goals, but even if I do, I don't foresee the work that we're doing together to stop. I hope that Andonella and I will continue to work together as I embark on the next stage of my career. And even if I don't get to where I want to, I am confident that Andonella will help me deal with that and help me refocus on something as equally important.

    Director, Big 4 firm

  2. Never having done any coaching before, I have to admit I was fairly sceptical, but I was wrestling with some difficult business issues and Andonella came highly recommended. Andonella is highly personable, puts you at ease immediately and gets straight down to brass tacks. She's insightful, intuitive and has this uncanny ability to help you figure out a clear route to get you from where you are to where you want to be. If you're at a bit of a life or career crossroads or there are seemingly immovable obstacles blocking your progress, give her a call. You CAN do it and she CAN definitely help.

    Peter, Peter Mill Copywriting

  3. With Andonella's help I have been able to identify my goals and also the issues that have been preventing me from achieving them. Many of these issues I have been carrying with me since childhood and I thought that I had left them behind, but Andonella has helped me understand that some of these issues are still holding me back. Now that I know what to work on I can start the process to make my dreams become a reality.

    Andonella is a true professional who really knows her work; her empathy and understanding allowed me to trust her whole heartedly, this enabled me to really dig deep to find out what was holding me back.


  4. I met Andonella many years ago when we were both working in HR for a global professional services firm. Years later we are still in touch and on occasion working together - now on a freelance basis. Andonella is totally committed to providing her clients with the highest standard of service. Her pursuit for service excellence and her commitment to her own continuing professional development is truly inspiring. I have seen Andonella 'in action' - her clients experience a genuine and honest consultant combined with visionary thinking and commercial acumen. Her determination to achieve results and meet expectations ensures she gets excellent feedback from her clients. Andonella is a first rate HR Consultant and Business Coach; I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anyone who wants results.

    Caroline W - Associate

  5. With just a few sessions and Andonella's patient expertise, I was able to finally get moving on some important issues that had been niggling and holding me back for years. I'm also really enjoying the tasks I had been avoiding.

    Freelance Artist

  6. We have worked with Andonella Thomson on a number of projects and I have always been very happy with the service provided - she is ... an exceptional coach. She is always well prepared for each session and very professional.

    Duncan Hendry, Chief Executive, Festival Theatre

  7. Andonella coached me for 6 months and really supported me in thinking about my work life balance and what I wanted to achieve in different areas of my life. She guided me skilfully through questioning my aspirations and helped me make some concrete decisions and changes. I am still using the approaches she used in considering new directions for myself and making time to set goals and achieve them.

    Andonella really helped me refocus and become clearer in what I wanted to achieve.

    Head of Creativity and Diversity, in The Arts

Throughout our monthly sessions I have found Andonella to be warm, supportive, plain speaking, perceptive, an excellent listener - and a challenge in the most positive of senses. Having recently worked through a coaching exercise with her, I am more aware than ever of her specific communication skills in this area, and the clear structured approach this brings to our finite time together.

She carefully sticks to her pre-determined formal role of helping me reach my own conclusions as well as increasing my professional self-knowledge - but in a way which is illuminating and helps me take a step forward, rather than just highlighting weakness and leaving me in limbo without a clear course of action for addressing them.

Andonella has largely taken the initiative in making sure we keep up to date with arranging future meetings. She has been very generous with her time, over and above the minimum requested by Arts & Business - both literally in terms of face to face meetings, and indirectly by passing on appropriate background information and reading material that she thinks will be of use between meetings.

Ros Lamont, Chief Executive, The Audience Business

Andonella was responsible for reviewing our current recruitment processes then recommending how these could be improved upon, based on her previous HR experience. Andonella worked well with the recruitment team and ensured they were engaged throughout the project. She was not afraid to challenge and was very disciplined in ensuring staff delivered promised work on time and would pursue where necessary. Andonella's lively personality and professional attitude allowed her to integrate quickly with Scottish Government staff making her a valuable member of the team. We are currently in the process of implementing her recommendations and would have no hesitation in using her skills in the future.

Lorraine Brown, Head of HR Shared Services, The Scottish Government

Andonella assisted us with the appointment of our Professional Development Manager. It was essential in the interview process to assess candidates abilities across a range of areas, including the ability to impress senior business people and diagnose organisational and individual needs. Andonella's expert input into the process, her insightful questions during the interviews and her experience in assessing applicant experience in the context of the skills required, enabled us to appoint successfully.

Barclay Price, Director, Arts & Business Scotland

I found being coached by Andonella an extremely positive experience. I met with her at a time of confusion regarding which direction to take my business, if any at all!

Andonella's coaching style is one of genuine interest and dogged determination to get you to where you want to be, even if you do not understand or know where that may be at the time. It was her continued, regular support and focus that empowered me to open my mind, grow my confidence and achieve what I believed was the impossible.

She reminds me of a Jack Russell who doesn't let go until she knows that when she does drop you, you land on your feet running, exactly where you want to be!

I would highly recommend being coached by Andonella Thomson knowing that you will achieve your goal and more.

Heather Boyd , Director, Artesian

I am a Senior Manager within the HR team of one of the Big Four professional service Firms. I worked with Andonella on the initial stages of a large-scale HR transformation programme. Andonella's reponsibilities included process mapping all As-Is and To-Be HR processes, assisting with project management (drawing up project plans, resource plans etc), providing useful input from her own extensive experience, putting us in touch with other contacts / organisations who have been through similar programmes and being a general 'sounding board' for the team who had not previous HR transformation experience. Throughout this time, Andonella was professional, calm and committed to the project, but also able to understand the 'vision' of where we were trying to get to, how the programme might actually work in practice. This was immensely useful. Andonella is a good team player who fitted in immediately with the internal project team, and who is flexible with travel and working times. Andonella remains a valued contact.

Alison Blair, Senior Manager, Human Resources, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Andonella coached an employee of Cavanagh, for many months through a period of difficult organisational change. The company saw a significant improvement in key behaviours during the time of the coaching. The coaching had a significant and positive influence on how the employee reacted to and dealt with difficult work place situations.

Mary Ann Carter, HR Manager

Andonella Thomson regularly delivers courses in a range of areas for the FST members including Time Management, Managing Difficult People and Leadership Vs. Management, all of which have been positively received. Andonella successfully provides practical training, tools and advice for developing soft skills and effective management techniques. I am happy to recommend Andonella, she is very personable and flexible in responding to specific requirements of the industry and date changes.

Kirsty Bailey, Federation of Scottish Theatre

Andonella has a very engaging personality and is easy to talk to. She makes sure that you're doing the work, but that you're also driving the work that's being done. She has lots of tips and tricks and the coaching sessions are enjoyable and seem to fly by.

Online Service Manager, Bodycote plc

18 months ago I would never have said this but I can honestly say that I feel proud of myself and my achievements. I would never have believed that one person could help me achieve so much. Thank you so much Andonella for your caring but professional guidance and coaching.

Senior Administrator, West Lothian Council

Over the past few months, you have helped me look at me so differently, I enjoy myself now. More importantly, I believe in myself now and don't get 'hung up' on the little things that used to play on my mind constantly. I know I am a good person and I have the respect I deserve. With this, I am now more confident in dealing with the tedious issues that might arise, be it through the office or life in general. I cannot believe how far you have 'nudged' me along!

Housing Manager, West Lothian Council

Working with Andonella for the past year has been an invaluable experience. It was brilliant to have the chance to take some time and have the head space to think about the role I do. Through the techniques Andonella used I was able to think objectively, impassively and analytically and gain useful perspective. After every session I came away enthused, invigorated and motivated with increased confidence that I can achieve what I set out to do.

Associate Producer, Performing Arts

I really enjoyed working with you. I think you know how very excellent and useful your work has been. Not always easy ... I thought you handled it all expertly and with great sensitivity. You are clear, concise, and extremely professional and we did absolutely the right thing in contracting you to steer us through the HR waters

Board Member, TAB

Andonella's management skills workshops carried out at Oakwell Children's Nursery have proven to be invaluable to my business. The knowledge and practical skills she provided for my newly appointed supervisors during the sessions have helped to develop their roles as supervisors and improved their confidence. Being the owner and manager of a busy 100 place children's nursery, it is important for me to know that I have supervisors in place who can manage the day to day operations in their rooms in a professional manner. Thanks to Andonella's input, I now feel I can entrust them with this task.

Owner/manager, Oakwell Children's Nursery

We engaged with Andonella to write and host a Management Training session with a selection of our Managers to help coach them on effectively managing their team whilst still be able to carry out their "day job". The course content was extremely well planned and delivered with Andonella demonstrating effective strategies for the new managers and also matching the business need for the training. I would strongly recommend Andonella's pragmatic and friendly approach when looking at planning training courses. We will definitely be using her again.

Compello Staffing Group

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