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  1. When I started coaching with Andonella, I embarked on an exciting and empowering journey which supported me to reflect, to identify strengths and areas to work on and to grow as a leader. Andonella is superb to work with - full of insight, an excellent listener and hugely energising! Each session was highly impactful and solution focused making me feel empowered and resolved to make differences in my own practice which would bring about change for myself and others. I can't thank Andonella enough for her guidance, wisdom, wit, empathy and her ability to empower you to make changes that you may otherwise not have the confidence to make alone.


  2. Andonella is warm, positive, knowledgeable, thoughtful and hugely impactful. She swiftly adapted to any area I wanted to focus on to provide guidance that was useful and effective. Despite a hectic working day, whenever I had a coaching session with Andonella she brought about calm, helped me focus on the session at hand with a long-lasting impact on my working practices. I have loved working with Andonella and hope our professional relationship continues in the long term.


  3. We started working with Andonella earlier this year and she has been absolutely fantastic, she has really helped us grow and develop individually and as a team. She is strategically minded, commercially astute, empathic but doesn't beat around the bush when you need a kick. She has helped us identify / clarify challenges and define clear pathways to resolving these. We highly recommend her, she really knows her stuff!

    MD, Recruitment company

  4. Andonella is a gem. With her help I was able to identify the blocks I didn't even know I had and more importantly to recognise which were mine and which had been placed by others. She has a knack for bringing you back round to the question and the issue, and supports you in exploring it, no matter how uncomfortable it is. Andonella adds to your existing toolkit and offers practical solutions and techniques to begin the work, build on the work and continue the work yourself. It's been a transformative and empowering experience. With her help I am becoming a better leader.


  5. Returning to work after having my second child during a year of lockdown was complicated. I had changed, the world had changed, the senior management, staffing structure and my role had changed. I was in a muddle trying to work out what was going to be the next best step for me.

    My sessions with Andonella gave me clarity from a confusion of thoughts and information. She helped me prepare for meetings so I was able to have constructive conversations with my employer to support my best return to work. They helped me identify my true values and desires, which I could keep coming back to and reflect on.

    Ultimately, I decided not to return to my existing role and pursue an entirely new path. Working with Andonella gave me confidence to make that change.

    Andonella is a warm, supportive coach who will challenge and champion you, in order to find a path that is authentically yours. I am recommending her to everyone I know!

    Thank you Andonella.


    [Recently received: You helped me navigate through such a tough time and now I'm out the other side happy and starting a new chapter. I can't thank you enough for your support in that.]

  6. We approached Andonella to deliver some bespoke online training for our mentors. She met with staff to discuss our needs and put together a thorough proposal based on that conversation. She communicated with us throughout the process of designing the sessions to ensure they met our specific requirements. The training itself was an excellent mix of theory and practical exercises.

    It is clear from working with Andonella that she relishes training others in the skills of coaching and mentoring. She is professional, approachable and passionate about the work she does. I know that our mentors and by extension, their mentees will benefit greatly from this training going forward. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andonella to others.

    Emma McKee, General Manager, Playwrights' Studio, Scotland

  7. Andonella has become my go-to for coaching, support and professional development needs. Not only does she have that rare blend of professionalism and warm approachability, she really gets results. I've worked with her for my team training needs, she's been a one-to-one coach for a specific professional development need for a senior member of the team and I've worked with her personally when I've needed coaching support at key points in my career. All of the experiences have been transformational and, I would go as far to say, life changing. Thanks again for your support, advice and crystal-clear insight!

    Paul, Director

  8. I had several sessions with Andonella to get help with issues that had been bothering me for a while. She's patient, non-judgmental, and very good at asking the right questions to get to the root of a problem.

    I've been able to put things I learned into practice with very good results and develop these into long-term habits.

    Andonella helped me see things more clearly and from a different perspective. I'd highly recommend her to anyone who'd like to change something about their personal or professional life.

    Jamie G

  9. At first impressions, when I was booked into this course, I thought a series of coaching sessions was a bit 'hippy dippy' - I come from an incredibly toxic industry where people just get on with the job, and as an Aberdonian talking about feelings isn't in our repertoire. Within the first 20 mins of our sessions; I was put at ease by Andonella, and found the self-assessment scoring to be incredibly insightful. Over the next 4 sessions, we broke down some of my inner barriers.

    General Manager

  10. Thanks again for the [Resilience] session. I spoke to everyone in the room after your session and know that everyone felt the same. Your session surpassed anyone's expectations. To walk into a room of people who are all together for the very first time and manage to get them to open up to each other, breaking down invisible walls and creating a real warm and sharing atmosphere is phenomenal. Your style, manner and delivery are all first class. The conversations that you started in that room lasted well into the evening at our social event, it was fantastic!


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