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Every truth has two
sides; it is as well
to look at both, before
we commit ourselves
to either.


The broad definition of facilitation is making difficult tasks easy and that is exactly what KCL's facilitation service is all about.

One example of this is Board Bonding, where we facilitate a team day for Boards of Directors, something we have found works remarkably well and can achieve astonishing results. We can do the same thing for staff, or both.

Another great use of facilitation is where you have a team or group within an organisation which is grappling with a complex issue. We can set up facilitated sessions and use self-directed learning techniques to help get at the nub of the problem and produce effective solutions.

It's a really productive way of shaping the way forward. And something that is most effectively achieved using professional, disciplined external consultants who are not afraid to challenge.

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